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Culturally-specific theater companies like Theater J are critical to ensuring that a diverse and vibrant range of voices are heard in our community. Your gift can help ensure that our theater illuminates, examines, and celebrates central questions resonating with Jewish and non-Jewish audiences alike. Your support makes our work possible: 54% of Theater J’s budget is provided by generous donors like you.

Generous supporters like you have built Theater J into a home for powerful plays of resilience and empathy. Theater J is dedicated to producing work that illuminates ethical questions of our time, examines the changing landscape of Jewish identities, and celebrates intercultural experiences. It is because of you: our community, our audience, our supporters, that Theater J has grown to be “the nation’s most prominent Jewish theater” (American Theatre Magazine).

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    Where Does My Gift Go?

As of 2015-2016 Season

Operational Expenses: Management staff, training, office supplies, etc.
Artistic & Production Expenses: Actors, directors, designers, set materials, costumes, lighting, artistic and production staff.
Facilities: Rental for our scene shop.

Impact Stories

Louis Delair, Jr, Subscriber

“I have found the emotional investment that I make as an audience member a personal and revelatory experience…”

Rich and James Peterson, Subscribers

“What attracts us to Theater J are the first rate, thought-provoking plays that explore topics germane to contemporary issues, such as social justice and its relevance to Jewish culture.”

Susan Rome, Actor

“It is a true artistic home for me. I’m passionate about its mission, and when I come here, I feel as though I am with family…”