30th Anniversary Video Project

Join our Theater J community by sharing some of what has made the last 30 years at Theater J meaningful to you! 

For almost three decades, Theater J has sought to share meaningful stories movingly performed—now it’s your turn! We’re asking you to join our Theater J community by sharing some of what has made the last thirty years at Theater J meaningful to you. During our brief intermission from live performance, we invite you to share your Theater J story, either written or by video, so that we might all join together to celebrate our wonderful first thirty years and get ready for our next thirty!

Here are some prompts—but by no means limitations—to help you get started:
• Do you have a favorite production or memory? (You can view a list of all of our past productions here.)
• What does attending a performance at Theater J mean to you?
• When you think of Theater J, what are three words that come to mind and why?

By now, you might be comfortable—or even an expert—on camera! We’d love a brief 30 second to two minute video—filmed right on your smart phone or computer—answering one of the above prompts. Looking for extra credit? We’ve compiled some further guidance about how to best setup your video below. Please upload your completed video to this Dropbox for submission and feel free to email danny@theaterj.org to confirm receipt.

If you’re more the literary type, please reply with your carefully crafted answers to the prompts above, and any other memory or information you’d like to share.
We will use your submission to create an archive of stories that will be available on Theater J’s website and social media platforms.

Helpful Hints for Filming your Video 

Depending on the size of your household, this could be as easy as moving forward with a one-person show! We welcome videos with one person, two people, or even more.

Film Horizontally
Please record your video in landscape (horizontal) orientation. If you have a tripod for your camera, that’s great. If you don’t, we recommend using common objects like large books, a laptop, or bookshelves to support your phone camera.

Light Your Face
We want to be able to clearly see your face in the video! If adding lamps around the camera isn’t an option, the sun is the next best light source. The best times for sunlight are in the morning and before dusk, when the light is softest. Whichever light source you end up using should be in front of your face, and not behind you.

Dress the Set
As you are the set designer for your video, you want to be sure that everything captured in the camera’s frame has a reason for being there. Ideally your backdrop is a clean surface with a couple of pieces of decor (a plant, a bookcase, a painting, etc.)

Clear Audio/Background Noise
Be sure to close any windows, turn off appliances (like televisions, dishwashers, washer/dryers, loud HAVC units) to be certain that we can hear you speak clearly and without distraction.

Take a few minutes before recording to think through what you are going to say and to spend some time practicing saying it out loud on camera. It may require several takes, so don’t sweat it if it’s not perfect on your first attempt. Break a leg!

Compose the Video
Videos look great when the subject is aligned with either the center vertical axis or using the rule of thirds (imagine a grid of two vertical and two horizontal lines dissecting your frame into nine equally proportioned rectangles). Ideally, the camera is at eye level and you are able to make ample eye contact with the lens of the camera. For example if you look at Adam’s composition, below, you will notice that he is aligned within the central column and his eyes are in line with the edges of the top and middle thirds.


Danny Debner
Production Coordinator

Upload Your Video
Once you are happy with your completed video, please upload it to this dropbox for submission. You can upload directly from your phone. Feel free to email danny@theaterj.org to confirm receipt.

By sending us your video entry, you give Theater J permission to use and distribute it.