Theater J gratefully acknowledges the following donors who have generously contributed to our “30 Years: Strength to Strength” campaign. This list is current as of November 13, 2020.

Anonymous (1)
Susan and Alan Apter
Drs. Susan Arbuck and Martin Goldrosen
Rita Z. Asch
Alona Bach
Stacey and Duane Berlin
Debby Berlyne and Danny Bachman
Michele and Allan Berman
Diane Boehr
Joanne H. Borts
Mara Bralove and Ari Fisher
Rachel and Steven Braun
Amy Jacoby Budish
Susan and Dixon Butler
Bruce A. Cohen
Keith Cohen
Share Fund
Daniel and Audrey Crane-Hirsch
Lois Fields
Gail Fogel
Laura Fuller and Peter Smith
Mindy Gasthalter
Ann and Frank Gilbert
E Laura Goldberg and Michael D Hamilton
Anita Gottlieb
Rae Grad and Manuel Schiffres
Renata Greenspan
Fritzi K. and Robert J. Hallock
Mitchell Harris
Mira Hirsch
Ilan Irony
Andrew Isen
Ariel Jacobson
Emily and Kyle Jillson
Melissa Jones
Martha Kahn and Simeon M. Kriesberg
Dr. Judith Kaufman
Eugene Kenney
Dr. Annette Killmer
Barbara and Hank Kimmel
Lisa Klein
Michael Kyrioglou
Sandra and Stephen Lachter
Eileen Lawrence
David Liu
Robert Lubran
Mrs. Yelena Madorsky
Ellen and Gary Malasky
Mary Lynne Martin
Louis Mazawey
Brian Melrose
Howard Menaker and Patrick Gossett
Libby and Ronald Merrill
Judith Neibrief
Sherry and Louis Nevins
Elisabeth Noone
Margy Nurik
Marc Okrand
Christine Pena
Diane Perry
Susan Plaeger
Joseph Pomper
Zack Powell
Kay Richman and Daniel Kaplan
Vicki Robinson
Bella Rosenberg
Trina and Lee G. Rubenstein
Evelyn Sandground and Bill Perkins
Nahma Sandrow
Lois Sbar
Helene and Robert Schlossberg
Peggy and David Shiffrin
Les Silverman
David Silversmith
Terry Singer
Michael Smolyak
Aileen Solomon
Dr. Stuart Sotsky
Phyllis Stanger and Michael Weiss
Jan Marie Steele
Alice Stock
Betsy Karmin and Manny Strauss
Enid Stubin
Dr. Kathryn Veal
Amy Weinberg and Norbert Hornstein
Ari Weinberg
Seth Weisberg
Leslie Weisman
Elin Winthrop
Karen Zuckerstein