Anti-Racism Orientation for Rehearsal Room Staff

Dear Theater J colleagues,

Theater J requires anti-racism orientation for all staff (full-time and part-time), artists, technicians, and front of house staff. We developed this orientation in consultation with Michael Bobbitt, based on trainings he originally created for New Repertory Theatre.

This orientation is part of the first day of rehearsal for actors, directors, and stage management staff. You will complete it during your rehearsal call.

The orientation is self-paced and features articles, videos, and reflection questions. There is no need to write down your responses to the reflection questions unless it is helpful to your learning style. We won’t be collecting answers. There are also additional resources at the end of each unit; reading or watching these will take you beyond the two-hour estimate and the scope of what we are requiring, but can be very helpful for further learning.

Below, you can find two orientations, one for people who are white and one for people of color/people of the global majority. If you are white, please complete that orientation. If you are a person of color/global majority, you have the choice to do either orientation. Both orientations share foundational materials, and the orientation for people of color/global majority also includes sections on self care, unpacking internalized racism, and racial joy and pride. Both are the same length.

Some materials may feel introductory; even if you have encountered similar ideas before, we ask that you listen and read with a fresh perspective. Reengaging with these ideas is like the Jewish tradition of reading the Torah annually from start to finish. The words of the Torah remain the same from year to year, yet we revisit them to acknowledge that we have changed. With a new perspective, familiar words resonate in a new way.

Please begin with the introductory note from Michael Bobbitt.  At the end of the orientation page, you must fill out the google form to certify that you have completed this orientation.

Thank you for joining us in keeping Theater J a safe place to work for everyone.


David Lloyd Olson, on behalf of the Theater J staff