Passing the Love of Women

Director: Ido Rozenberg | Stage Version Director: Hanan Snir  | Writesr: Motti Lerner and Israel Zamir; After the Story Two by Isaac Bashevis Singer

2020 | Hebrew with English Subtitles 80 Minutes

One of Israel’s largest repertory theaters, Beit Lessen is dedicated to new Israeli and international plays which reflect the country in all it nuances. Based in Tel-Aviv, the theater explores the social, political, and religious issues unique to modern day Israel

While studying together, yevisha students Zisl and Azriel discover their mutual. The two leave their small Polish town for a nearby city where Zisl agrees to dress as a woman so the two can live as man and wife. The decision drastically changes their relationship as well as their religious and personal experiences. Unhappy but unable to separate, the two men must decide if their love is worth their lives.

Based on an Isaac Bashevis Singer story and directed by the acclaimed Ido Rozenberg, this visual and sensual stage version fuses movement, rhythm, and humor in this tale of lovers fighting for a place in an oppressive society.