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Questions? Please contact Theater J’s Development Coordinator, Tyler Carcy, at 202.777.3225 or

Donation Levels and Benefits

$1,000+ Enthusiast

  • Listing for one full year as an Enthusiast in all programs
  • All benefits as listed below

$500+ Admirer

  • First opportunity to sign-up for Theater J classes, trips, and special events
  • Listing for one full year as an Admirer in all programs
  • All benefits as listed below

$100+ Devotee

  • Listing for one full year as a Devotee in all programs

$10,000+ Leading Angel

  • Invitation for six to the Opening Night performance for your production
  • Listing for one full year as a Leading Angel in all programs
  • All benefits as listed below

$6,000+ Sponsoring Angel

  • Invitation for four to the Opening Night performance for your production
  • Listing for one full year as a Sponsoring Angel in all programs
  • All benefits as listed below

$3,000+ Supporting Angel

  • Exclusive emails from the Artistic Director with updates on your production
  • Special listing as an Angel on the website for your production and the Opening Night invitation
  • Verbal recognition as an Angel in curtain speech for Opening Night of your production
  • Exclusive events and opportunities to connect with the art in-process
  • Invitation for two to the Opening Night performance for your production
  • Invitation for two to all Opening Night performances for the season
  • Artist autographed manuscript of your production
  • Listing for one full year as a Supporting Angel in all programs

$100,000+ Leading Producer

  • Listing for one full year as a Leading Producer on Theater J’s website and in all programs
  • Additional benefits as mutually agreed upon
  • All benefits as listed below

$25,000+ Sponsoring Producer

  • Listing for one full year as a Sponsoring Producer on Theater J’s website and in all programs
  • All benefits as listed below

$18,000+ Supporting Producer

  • Invitation for two to all Opening Night performances
  • Exclusive VIP ticketing services
  • Two tickets to Theater J’s Annual Benefit
  • Verbal recognition in the curtain speech for all Theater J Opening Nights
  • Listing for one full year as a Supporting Producer on Theater J’s website and in all programs

Friends of Theater J

Theater J gratefully acknowledges the following donors who have given since February 24, 2020. This list is current as of February 24, 2021.

Leading Producer

Arlene and Robert Kogod, The Robert and Arlene Kogod Family Foundation

Sponsoring Producer

National Endowment for the Arts
DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities
Sari R. Hornstein
The Marinus and Minna B. Koster Foundation
Nancy and Saul Pilchen
Share Fund
The Shubert Foundation
Amy Weinberg and Norbert Hornstein

Supporting Producer

Bruce A. Cohen
Patti and Mitchell Herman
Alfred Munzer and Joel Wind
Nussdorf Family Foundation
Kay Richman and Daniel Kaplan
Hank Schlosberg
Helene and Robert Schlossberg

Leading Angel

Cathy S. Bernard
James A. Feldman and Natalie Wexler
Nathan Goldman Marital Trust
Embassy of Israel
Howard Menaker and Patrick Gossett
The Morgan Fund at the Seattle Foundation
Patricia Payne and Nancy Firestone
Diane and Arnold Polinger
Nora Roberts Foundation
Bella Rosenberg
Evelyn Sandground and Bill Perkins
Terry Singer
Patti and Jerry Sowalsky
George Wasserman Family Foundation, Inc.

Sponsoring Angel

Michele and Allan Berman
Joyce and Fred Bonnett
Myrna Fawcett
Mindy Gasthalter
Cheryl Gorelick
Meg and John Hauge
Betsy Karmin and Manny Strauss
Arlene and Martin Klepper
Sandra and Stephen Lachter
Dianne and Herb Lerner
Marion Ein Lewin
Frances Marshall and Lewis Schrager
Sherry and Louis Nevins
Elaine Reuben, The Timbrel Fund
Les Silverman
Dr. Kathryn Veal
Ellen and Bernard Young
Judy and Leo Zickler

Supporting Angel

Andrea Boyarsky-Maisel
Mara Bralove and Ari Fisher
Kathy Byrnes and John Immerwahr
Alan and Shulamit Elsner
Lois and Michael Fingerhut
Patricia and David Fisher
Susan and Michael Friedman
Ann and Frank Gilbert
Rae Grad and Manuel Schiffres
Martha Winter Gross and Robert Tracy
Kenneth and Amy Eisen Krupsky
Ellen and Gary Malasky
Jeff Menick
Undine and Carl Nash
Trina and Lee G. Rubenstein
Mita M. Schaffer and Tina M. Martin
Peggy and David Shiffrin
Dr. Stuart Sotsky
Alan and Irene Wurtzel


Babs and Rabbi A.N. Abramowitz
James Beller and Christopher Wolf
Johanna Chanin and Randall Levitt
Sara Cormeny and Peter Miller
Ginny and Irwin Edlavitch
Lois Fields
Renee Gier
Bonnie and Alan Hammerschlag
Linda Lurie Hirsch
Leslie and Samuel Kaplan
Beth Kramer
Meredith Margolis and Gary Goodweather
Paul and Zena Mason
Rona and Allan Mendelsohn
Trudy and Gary Peterson
Dori Phaff and Dan Raviv
June and Marvin Rogul
Michael Singer
Richard Solloway
Cathy and Peter Toren
Mimi Tygier and Robert Rubin
Victoria and Neil Weisfeld
Joan S. Wessel


Anonymous (1)
Joan and Alan Berman
Bunny Dwin
John Edelmann
Michelle and Glenn Engelmann
Rabbi Charles and Krayna Feinberg
Nancy and Cary Feldman
Kit Gage and Steven Metalitz
Dina Gold
Paula Seigle Goldman
Jill and Robert Granader
Andrew Isen
Deborah Jaffe
Dr. Annette Killmer
Kenneth and Audrey Kramer
William Kreisberg
Martha Kahn and Simeon M. Kriesberg
Hannah Lefton
Nancy Limprecht and Rick Haines
Winton Eaheart Matthews, Jr.
Monte Meltzer
Lynne and Donald Myers
Samantha Nolan and Randall Speck
Gayle Novig and Terry Mahn
Geraldine Fogel Pilzer
Susan and Firoze Rao
Nancy and Samuel Raskin
Vicki Robinson
Cathy and Marc Scheineson
Ann Schwartz
Linda Segal
Sylvia Shenk
Beverly and Harlan Sherwat
Margaret Strand
Vali Tschirgi and Adam Nemzer
Shana Wagger
Diane Abelman Wattenberg


Anonymous (4)
Lilian and Seymour Abensohn
Deborah Adler
Jerome Adler
Louis Altarescu
Randi Altschuler
Susan Ammerman
Susan and Alan Apter
Mark E Arbesfeld
Randy Ash
Douglas Auerbach
Elaine Auerbach
Robert Bader
Amy and Lawrence Banker
Beth Barnett
Mike and Lissa Barry
Trudi Benford
Morton and Janet Berfield
Cheryl Berger
Debby Berlyne and Danny Bachman
Sondra and Stewart Block
Carol Bloomberg
Linda Blumberg and Stephen Turow
Goldie Blumenstyk
M B Bordman
Loren Brandman
Dr. Kenneth Brin
Jason Brodsky
Michael Brown
Laurie Brumberg
Linda and James Burgin
Michael L. Burke and Carl W. Smith
Judith Burns
Jamie and Stuart Butler
Azalea Candelaria
Stuart Carlow
Meryl and Phil Cedar
Wallace Chandler
Leah Chanin
Steven Coe
Edward and Ruth Cogen
Lee Cohen
Cyna and Paul Cohen, Sara C. Cohen and Norm J. Rich
Janis and Robert Colton
Dave Connick
Beverly and Melvin Cook
Daniel and Audrey Crane-Hirsch
Janice Crawford
Kathryn Dahl
Belle Negrin Davis
Claudia De Colstoun-Werebe
Kelly Devers and Kristin Carman
John and Elizabeth Doble
Sharon Doner-Feldman
David Dorsey
Alison Drucker and Tom Holzman
Suzanne Ducat and Stanley Cohen
Paula Durbin
Rachel and Steven Eidelman
Karen Eisner
Evelyn and Barry Epstein
Sandra and Andrew Eskin
Sandra Eskin
Vivian and Joel Faden
Val Fagen
June Falb
Anne Falk
Shari Feinberg
Miriam Feinsilver
Renee Fendrich
Dr. John Finedore
Harold Finger
Tracy Fisher
David T. Fox
Linda and Jay Freedman
Barry Friedman
Shula Friedman
Mitchell Gail and Ruth Pfeiffer
Janet Garber
Steven Garron
Donna Garry
Barbara Geffen
Barbara and William Geffen
Megan Genet
Jane and Steven Gilbert
Janice Gillum
Kenneth Glazer
Debra Goldberg and Seth Waxman
Mark Goldberg
Dr. Jesse Goodman
Roberta and Morton Goren
Anita Gottlieb
Robert Gramss
Mary-Alice Gray
Geoffrey Green
Dr. Larrie and Joyce Greenberg
Laura Greenberg and Michael Levitt
Roberta Greenstein
Garry Grossman
Robin and Jay Hammer
Susan and Allen Hanenbaum
Susan Harlem
Susan Hausfeld
Cyma and Jerome Hefter
Kenneth Heitner
Stephen Hellman
Edith and Arthur Hessel
David Highnote
Lucia Hill
Elmina and Ernest Hilsenrath
Elizabeth Hodes
Sandra Hoexter
Robert Hollis and Don Jewler
Lois Jacob
Carol Adaire Jones and Jay Pendergrass
Lori and Hal Kassoff
Fran Katz and Robert Watson
Richard Kellogg
Aviva Kempner
Lynne Kennedy and Captain Joan Darrah
Eugene Kenney
Alan M. King
Mrs. William Kingsbury
Faith and Jim Kirk
Nora F Kisch
Kay Klass and Mark Levitt
James Kochert
Judith Korn
Ellen Kramarow and Jared Garelick
Richard Kramer
Bette and William Kramer
Barry Kropf
David Krum
Steven Krum
Michele Krupka
Sharon Kuebbing
Ruth Kurzbauer
Sandra Lapietra and Alan Helgerman
Eileen Lawrence
Ellen Lawson
Joy Lerner and Stephen Kelin
Dr. Karen Levenback
Alyn Levin Hadar
Mordechai Levovitz
Marlene and Howard Levy
Roz and Sandy Levy
Patricia and Randall Lewis
Diane Liff and Georgia Korn
Iris Lipkowitz
Laurie and Len Lipton
Susan Liss and Rabbi Fred Reiner
Carol Lite
Zelda and Stephen Litwin
Jordan Lloyd Bookey and Felix Lloyd
Arleen Enid Lustig
Dalya and Edward Luttwak
Alice Lynch
Mrs. Yelena Madorsky
Devra C. Marcus
Marlene and Ken Markison
Mary Lynne Martin
Catherine Mascelli
Louis Mazawey
Janice Mehler
Irene Mendelson
Libby and Ronald Merrill
Roberta Milberg
Hani Miletski and Arthur Goldberg
Bruce Miller
Frances J. Miller
June Million
Ina Milton
Caroline Mindel
Barbara Mintz
Cheryl Mintz and Harris Richter
Barbara and Herbert Mintz
Hannah Moore
James Moore
Erica Morse
Dorothy Moss and Lawrence Meyer
Carolina and Mark Nadel
Beth Newburger Schwartz
Geri Nielsen
Elisabeth Noone
Anne O’Flaherty
Marc Okrand
Allena Opper
John Parascandola
Halina Peabody
Ms. Judith Peres
Joanne Perlman
John Peterson
Roberta Pieczenik
Zachary Pilchen and Samantha Lockhart
Wayne Pines
Susan Plaeger
Jessica Pollner
Michael Posner
Zack Powell
David Lee Preston and Ronda Goldfein
Nancy Pruitt
Dena and Jerry Puskin
Barbara Rappaport
Jonathan Rauch
Caren Ravitch
Renay and Bill Regardie
Jonathan Reichner
Heidi Rhodes
Steven M. Rosenberg and Stewart C. Low III
Nancy and Herbert A. Rosenthal
Linda Rosenzweig and Sandy Bieber
Rodney A. Ross
Joan and Ludwig Rudel
Frederick Ruf
Jojo Ruf
Judith and Michael Saks
Deborah and Michael Salzberg
Nahma Sandrow
Judith Satine
Andrea Savada
Lois Sbar
Amy E. Schaffer
Ella Schiralli
Amy Schmidt
Patricia Schnell
Gena Schoen and Rik Edwards
Susan Schor
Leonard Schreiber
Rhea Schwartz and Paul Wolff
Rita and Steven Schwartz
Rachel and Rabbi Ethan Seidel
Ruth Seif
Michelle Sender
Howard Shalwitz
Phillip Shapiro
Judith Silberman
Ann-Louise and Stuart Silver
Linda Silverman
David Silversmith
Lisa K. Simmons
Joan and Irwin Singer
Arlene Farber Sirkin and Stuart Sirkin
Judy and Russell Smith
Bruce Smoller
Robert Snyder
Linda M. Solomon
Phyllis Stanger and Michael Weiss
Elise Stein
Judith and Richard Stern
Susan J. Stinson
Harriett Stonehill
Mindy Strelitz and Andrew Cornblatt
Gwydion and Maura Suilebhan
Mary Swanson
Deborah Tannen and Michael Macovski
Sheila and Barry Taylor
Terri Tedford
Dr. Stanley Tempchin
Tiferith Israel
John Tolleris
Leslie Tourigny
Margit Tracey
Martha Trunk
Judith and Lester Turner
Drs. Marion and Michael Usher
Eric Van Buskirk
Irene Vangsness and Richard Berzon
Daniel Vine
Mary S. Wactlar
Roberta Wasserman
Marjorie Weingold
Elaine Weinstein
Leslie Weisman
Judith Weiss
Sandra Weiswasser
Valerie and John Wheeler
Louise and Burton Wides
Sandra and Jon Willen
Susan Willens
Gregory Williams
Sharon Willig
Adam Winkleman
Janet and Robert Wittes
Muriel D. Wolf
Carrie Wolfe and Mark Greenwood
Sheri and Raymond Martin Wolfe
Mark Wolkow
Lori-Ann Wynter
Rivka Yerushalmi
Julie and David Zalkind
Judy Zimmerman
Sheila Zimmet

*of blessed memory