Theater lovers can learn online from Theater J artists, in a welcoming, participatory atmosphere

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Taught by Naomi Jacobson

Wednesdays June 3-24 (4 sessions)
5:30-7:00 PM
$149 ($129* for subscribers and Angel-level donors)
Registration is closed

Learn in a real-time, virtual, small group setting with Naomi Jacobson (Theater J’s BECOMING DR. RUTH), one of DC’s finest actors and master teachers. Step into an actor’s process and learn about the techniques used to interpret a script, personalize language, and make the audience believe that everything spoken is an original thought, not memorized text. Take a peek into how an actor uses personality, experience, vulnerabilities, and attributes to create deeply complex fully realized, emotionally connected characters.

This is not an acting class (and no prior acting experience is required), however students will have chances to try out some of these techniques and deepen their understanding of the work they see on stage. (A script purchase is required, separate from tuition payment.)

Taught by Tyler Herman

Thursdays May 21-June 18 (5 sessions)
2:00-3:30 PM
$169 ($149* for subscribers and Angel-level donors)
Registration is closed

This class offers the skills and techniques in the actor’s toolkit to offer new ways to study Jewish texts. Join actor Tyler Herman (Theater J’s TRAYF) and fellow theater lovers to look through an actor’s lens at some of the Torah’s stories, analyzing words and deeds of the Torah as an actor examines dialogue, action, objective, obstacle, and events. This class offers a new way to understand these rich and meaningful stories and, by extension, ourselves. Students will have opportunities to read aloud as characters and try out the techniques they are learning.

This is not an acting class; no acting experience is required. All Torah text will be read in English.

Taught by Paul Morella

Tuesdays May 26-June 16 (4 sessions)
7:00-8:30 PM
$149 ($129* for subscribers and Angel-level donors)
Registration is closed

Hone your public speaking, your day-to-day communications , and especially those critical moments of persuasion using theater techniques. Gain insights, philosophies, and tools on the art and science of verbal communication from actor Paul Morella (Theater J’s BROKEN GLASS). Morella, a master storyteller, trial advocacy consultant, and faculty member at American University’s Washington College of Law, focuses on how to successfully convey ideas and emotions through language, voice, and physicality in order to communicate more effectively in professional and personal life, whether you are speaking to a single colleague, a group of clients, or at a major presentation. There will be opportunities for students to bring material to present or work on, if they wish.

This is not an acting class; no acting experience is required.

Taught by Caleen Sinnette Jennings 

Mondays May 25-June 22 (5 sessions)
5:30-7:00 PM
$169 ($149* for subscribers and Angel-level donors)
Registration is closed

Everyone has a story they’ve been meaning to write. Unlock your own creativity and voice with playwright and teacher Caleen Sinnette Jennings (author of Theater J’s acclaimed, autobiographical QUEENS GIRL IN THE WORLD). This class is for anyone eager to learn how to use memory to develop story (both narrative and dramatic writing), while infusing relaxation and fun into the writing process. Jennings will offer ways to get started, strategies for development, methods for moving forward when “stuck,” and how to celebrate completion.

Students will have the opportunity to share their work, and no previous writing experience is required.

Note: The class will rely on images, music, and writing by hand to inspire the creative process. If you have a visual or auditory impairment, please let us know so that we can make the class accessible for you.

It is preferred that participants log in via computers (with microphones and speakers), but if need be they can call in by phone. Registrants will receive detailed instructions from the teacher within a few days of registering. Maximum class size is 20; class will be canceled if minimum registration number is not reached. Each individual in a household must register separately.

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Theater J Managing Director, Jojo Ruf

Taught by Managing Director Jojo Ruf


Learn in a real-time, virtual, small group setting with Theater J’s Managing Director! The magic we see onstage would not be possible without a lot of creative thinking on the business side. Gain a better understanding of the theater you attend by learning the secrets behind “the business,” from the way an institution creates and markets its season, to how union negotiations have shaped our art form.

Theater J Artistic Director, Adam Immerwahr

Taught by Artistic Director, Adam Immerwahr


Learn in real-time, virtual, small group setting with Theater J’s Artistic Director! Take a deep dive into Theater J’s 2020-2021 plays in a friendly, book club-like setting. Understand how a theater professional analyzes a script as we read and discuss fascinating Jewish plays. Have a special sneak-peek and insight into the following year’s plays and how they are chosen. (Participants will need to purchase scripts.)